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> What are PREORDERS? 

From google dictionaries: order (an item of merchandise) before it is available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later.

This means that the item you are purchasing is not yet in stock, and will be produced once the preorder period ends. This is to ensure that the merchandise will have the proper amount made, and bonuses will be given out to buyers for purchasing early! That said, shipment will take longer than purchasing on-hand stock.

> What are ON-HAND SALES?

On-hand sales means that the items are already with me, so there will no longer be any production period! For on-hand stock, orders will be sent out every end of the week.

> What are important things I need to know before ordering?

For international customers, please check with your local post office in regards to the status of incoming mail and packages before ordering, as some offices may be nonoperational or limited due to various reasons, so your package may take even longer to arrive. Note that the package will be sent from the Philippines. I have also excluded countries not noted in the post office's shipping list.

Please also be aware if your region charges extra fees upon arrival to you, as international VAT and other reasons for extra fees upon arrival within your country are out of my control. Thanks!  

> How does shipping work? What's the process?

Once the manufacturing period for the final bulk orders is done and the merchandise has been shipped to me by the manufacturer, the shipping process will start.

For international orders, items will be packed and labels will be made for each order. Packages will then be sent to the post office by batch. Once the tracking labels are printed, they will be sent to the customers, which they can then use to track where their packages are.

For local orders, the shipping courier LBC will be used instead.

For on-hand sales, items will be shipped out by batch every Friday.

Note that packing and shipping may take a few days depending on the number of orders, and will be sorted and sent in both order of purchase and if it's local or international, so please be patient!

> How long until my order arrives?

This varies by location, and the status of your country's customs. Once the shipping labels have been printed and sent, local orders may take a few days up to a week or so, while international orders may take weeks to months depending on where you live. Places like Europe, Canada and Australia among others usually take the longest, arriving more than a month upon ordering. 

> How does the tracking site work? What is the update process?

Tracking Site:

Usually the timeframe is as follows:

1. Posting of item.
This means that the item has been successfully received by the post office and has been officially logged by the system. Note that it may take a while for the item to fully register upon sending the tracking information to you, so please be patient in regards to this notice!

2. Receive item at origin country gateway.
This means that the item has arrived at the export office for sorting in preparation for shipment to the destination country.

3. Dispatch item to destination country.
This means that the item has been sent, and is no longer in the origin country. Please note that after this notice, the system will only update again once it has arrived at the destination country. I ask for your patience on this as well, as the travel time may take weeks to months depending on where you live. 

4. Arrival at destination country. This means that the item has been successfully received by the destination country and will be sent to you soon! From this point on, the destination's post office will be the one updating the status of the item, from customs to delivery attempts among other things. All updates at this point will vary depending on your courier, and you may contact them directly in regards to the status of your package.

Note that I do routine checks for the status of orders every week, so rest assured that your package is being monitored closely! For items marked as unsuccessful deliveries, please contact me right away so we can work on a solution. Thank you so much!

> I'm having trouble tracking my order. What should I do?

Please feel free to message me for help on order tracking! The tracking labels will be sent to you along with the tracking site, but if you're having trouble finding it, then I'll help you check. :) Please also make sure to double-check if your shipping information is correct, as problems may arise if something is spelled wrong, etc.

> Do you allow cancellation of orders?

All sales are final. 
Once the item has been purchased, cancellations are no longer accepted.

> What are your return policies?

If the item arrives damaged, pieces are missing or the order is overall incorrect and you'd like a return, please contact me through email so we can work on the return process. Once everything is settled and the items have been returned, I can then issue a full refund. 

> I have other questions and concerns. Where could I contact you?

You can contact me through the store's contact form, my email or my social media! I have my website linked at the tab on the right, which contains various links on where I could be reached. Don't hesitate to message me on anything concerning your purchase, or any other general questions and concerns; I'd be more than happy to help. :)